Real Soul real Gospel

  • leaflets and posters for the event
  • event photographer

Manchester Prison visitors centre

"visiting your daddy" comic

  • designed to introduce children to what's in store when they visit the prison for the first time.
  • developed storyline and storyboard
  • drew the cartoon
  • created puzzles for the comic
  • designed the layout
  • created four translated versions of the comic


  • “Into the Lion’s Den” 82page A4 book

Newfound theatre

  • publicity for three of their shows
  • website
  • photography

VSO/anti slavery international

  •  English language training manual. A4

Commitment in Communities

  • annual report
  • three issues of newsletter

Opportunities & Activities

  • designed annual courses brochure over five years
  • occasional leaflets

Manchester Business Consortium

  • designed publicity for their services
  • as MBC consultant for marketing and design I supported new
  • usinesses with advice and training

Community Pride Initiative (CPI)

  • publicity and marketing folder and leaflets

Comic democracy (CPI)

  • storyboard and illustration of two comics "Joe has a go" and "Dreaming on a budget"
  • design and layout of final report. A4, 24 pages

Lymn High school

  • three issues of 12 page newsletter

Pow Wow Eco Arts

  • artists directory. 62 page, ringbound A5

Half Moon Books

  • typeset three novels
  • designed and illustrated each book jacket

BOTV youth project

The Voice

  • A comic created from scripts written by the group as a drama production.
  • rewrote script for comic format
  • storyboard
  • created characters based on people in the group
  • created illustrations

Stocks solicitors

  • website
  • leaflets

Amp project

  • eight newsletters
  • activities pack
  • four films
  • leaflets & posters

Manchester school of art fine art

  • degree show catalogue

Black & Blue theatre co

  • website
  • leaflets

Save the children fund

  • health learning materials

Gatehouse Publishing

  • layout of publications for print
  • illustrations for three books
  • general publicity leaflets
  • workshops in publishing

Newleaf Publishing

  • logo and identity
  • website
  • leaflets, posters, magazine advertising
  • workshop facilitation
  • design and\layout of all their publications including DVD covers

Working Class Movement library

Thomas Paine, voice of the common people exhibition

  • I managed the project, curated the exhibition
  • created 23 metres of exhibition boards
  • designed all publicity
  • exhibition handouts
  • photography and illustration

permanent Hall exhibition space

  • designed the interior space drew up floor plans for exhibition cabinets
  • created identity for the space
  • created exhibition boards for the wall spaces

exhibition room for changing exhibitions

  • designed the interior space drew up floor plans for exhibition cabinets
  • created identity for the space

project managed and curated the first exhibition "pensions"

  • designed the exhibition boards
  • produced the publicity
  • photography

project managed and curated "Michael Foot” exhibition

  • designed the exhibition boards
  • produced the publicity - poster leaflet magazine advert
  • photography
  • produced DVD to accompany exhibition

Publicity and advertising

  • logo and identity
  • general leaflets
  • regular leaflets for "Salford Talks"
  • memorial lecture leaflets

"Liberation" event

  • designed stage set
  • publicity and marketing

Musicians without borders

  • general publicity leaflets
  • website
  • eflyers

Sheila Richman

  • website

Have Your Say Magazine


  • designed all 34 issues of the magazine. 32 page A4
  • created illustrations

End of the Road

  • booklet showcasing the project. 32 page. square format

Down our street

  • designed booklet and website containing the results of the project. 24 pageA5


  • designed all leaflets posters and advertising for their projects and events

Braemar wealth management

  • identity
  • website

Braemar mortgages

  • identity
  • website

Double Espresso

  • logo and identity
  • website

Getta Life Project

  • logo and identity
  • Publicity leaflets
  • bookmark

ManchesterCathedral event

  • logo and identity
  • leaflets and posters
  • programme
  • event photographer

Greater Manchester and district CND

  • service leaflet

Eloquent Protest

  • advertising and publicity

Manchester Environmental education Network

  • design of 21 issues of "The Beehive" newsletter, so far

The Footparlour

  • general advertising
  • website

Anson cabin youth project

  • identity
  • Website
  • newsletters
  • activity leaflets & posters


  • logo and identity
  • website
  • leaflets & posters


  • leaflet for services
  • book jacket for "fresh ideas"

Nuclear Free Local Authorities (NFLA)

Manchester Peace and social justice trails

  • designed two version of the trail, standard version and children’s version
  • created the illustrations
  • all photography
  • website

managing radioactive waste

  • designed "managing radioactive waste" A4 booklet

radioactive scrap metals

  • designed "radioactive scrap metals" A5 booklet

city of peace

  • "city of peace" poster and postcards