For me graphic design means creating a look which is unique to each client for each job. Every client has their own identity and each brochure, poster, leaflet or newsletter should be different to the last but recognisably theirs. As a graphic designer it is my job to ensure the message is clear the content is accessible and it is attractive enough to want to be read.

Typography is a bit of a passion of mine, my attention to detail verges on the obsessive. I can also create the photography and illustrations as well, which can speed things up.

I love print. Designing stuff to be printed allows for the full use of the designers skills. The textures, colours and smells of paper and print can't be matched by electronic publishing. Creating exciting layouts and attractive designs for all sorts of print jobs while ensuring that the message and it's meaning are not obscured by style is what I do best.

As a freelance designer I have fewer overheads which means better value for my clients - without sacrificing quality - and you always get to deal with me, you won't get passed on to assistants.